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Adhesives & Glues

Construction Adhesives are used to bond or repair two items in the home & construction site, replacing traditional adhesives such as contact cements and traditional physical fixings such as nails and screws. Construction Adhesives are available in cartridges, tubes and tins. There is few common types of glues and adhesives on the market with their own unique characteristics which makes them perfect for certain type of job.

  • PVA (polyvinyl acetate)- General purpose woodwork glue. Some PVA adhesives are water resistant.
  • Synthetic resin - A strong water-resistant glue for woodwork. It needs to be mixed up immediately before use.
  • Epoxy resin - For joining metals and plastics. It is waterproof but must be mixed up immediately before use.
  • Contact adhesive - For joining polystyrene and fabrics. Also useful for fixing plastic laminates to a wooden base.
  • Acrylic cement - For the joining of acrylic and some other types of plastics. The adhesive "melts" the surface of the plastic and fuses it together.