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Marshalltown | PermaFlex | Stainless Steel Trowel

31st Jan 2017


The Marshalltown Permaflex trowel was designed for a final pass or polish of surface. For other plaster coats please use a standard Marshalltown plastering trowel.

For best results please clean and dry your trowel after daily use

Do not soak trowel in water for extended periods or use any chemicals or solvents to clean the trowel as this may weaken the bond between the plate and the blade.

The black tape on the trowel is for cosmetic purposes only, if the tape on the blade shrinks, peels or becomes loose please glue it into place or cut back lifted are as required. This will not affect the performance of the PermaFlex and the trowel can continue to be used as normal.

Do not bend or pull the PermaFlex blade away from the handle, the blade is not designed to flex in the opposite direction and this may weaken the bond between the plate and the blade. 

The PermaFlex trowel should be used with minimum pressure to produce best results and ease strain on the arm. 

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