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CT1 Sealant & Grab Adhesive

CT1 Sealant & Grab Adhesive

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CT1 Adhesive and Sealant C3

CT1 represents a new generation of sealants and adhesives and it's also called 'Snag List Eliminator'. Why? Quite simply one tube of CT1 will cover most applications and will exceed your expectation in every single one. CT1 can be used as a sealant or grab adhesive without a drop in performance. The range of application is as wide as sealing jobs in the kitchen or bathroom and bonding jobs in a marine environment. CT1 does not contain any solvents or isocyanates, therefore it can be used in food preparation areas. Cured CT1 remains permanently flexible but can be overpainted with any type of paint. CT1 provides fabulous resistance to UV, various chemicals and - extremely important - fungus. Thanks to unique hybrid polymer formula CT1 does not shrink over time and is capable to resist temperatures up to 120 C which makes it perfect for sealing cracks in gutters and pipes. It can not only be applied to wet surfaces but also underwater. Sealing pools and fish ponds have never been easier. As mentioned before CT1 does not contain solvents, therefore, harmful solvents are not being released to water during the curing process. CT1 is perfect for sealing around baths and showers. Regular sealants are solvent based. Solvents evaporate over time and that creates micro holes in the seal. Those holes are being invaded by fungus and bacteria hence you end up with mouldy seal. CT1 creates a non-porous seal so you will not see any mould on it ever. CT1 presents enormous bonding strength so jobs like sticking mirror directly to the wall, fixing shower panels or trims will no longer be a problem.