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TIMco Firmahold 18 Gauge Galvanised Brad Nails Straight


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TIMco FirmaHold Galvanised 18 Gauge Straights Brad Nails

Brad nails and finish nails are both used in carpentry. Both are driven into the surface of wood materials through the use of air compressor-powered nail guns. Most of the time, brad nails are often called finish nails or finishing nails because their sizes do not really differ that much. A brad nail is the second-to-the-smallest nail that can be used in a nail gun. It has a gauge or thickness of 18 with a 1.22 mm diameter.

Brad nails are generally used in trim carpentry where the carpenter works on doors, casings, or mouldings; and finish nails are used in finish or detail carpentry, where the carpenter works on cabinets and storage wood containers. This is because most brad nails have flat heads that can be seen on the wood; finish nails have heads that are barely noticeable and can just be painted over as a final touch. Finish nails usually are driven more strongly because of their pointed end, so that their heads are usually sunk or submerged into the wood.

Holding Wood Together

Brad nails are also used to fix wood in place or hold two pieces together and may be removed carefully when the glue between the two wood pieces dries up. Finish nails, on the other hand, and due to being “headless,” are only used as the final nails to be driven on detailed carpentry work.

Corners Spots and Central Areas

Many carpenters prefer to use brad nails for securing corners or near the corners of the wood. Brad nails are less likely to split the wood or damage the corners, with around 70 to 80 percent probability, as compared to finish nails which are almost always certain to damage wood corners. This is because brad nails have blunt ends, while finish nails have more pointed ends – making them easier to drive, and invariably making them split wood corners with the impact.


Other carpenters classify their use depending on the kind of projects they make because brad nails and finish nails differ in lengths and strengths. For small projects like tacking plywood together or making smaller woodwork where the heads will not be a problem, use brad nails. For bigger projects like dressers or wardrobes or even outdoor woodwork, use finish nails.

Hard Wood and Soft Wood

Some carpenters use brad nails for softer woods as they are thinner, while others use them for harder woods. Brad nails, though thinner with smaller diameter than finish nails, are also generally shorter. The length of a brad nail varies from 5/8 inch to 2 inches while that of a finish nail ranges from 5/8 inch to 2.5 inches. Finish nails are used for driving into harder materials, but they can be used for soft materials just because their heads will be thoroughly embedded and unnoticeable when painted over.

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