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  • Fischer Galvanised Framing Nails
  • Fischer Galvanised 1st Fix Nails



Fischer Framing Nails 

There are many collated nail fuel packs outs there for 1st fix framing nailers, Hitachi, Rawl, Universal, Firmahold, Quick fire and of course Paslode to name a few...

You might have tried them all and have your own favourite now, but wait...here is one more for you to sample first. 

And this is why;

First of all we all know the price is important and the price (as you would expect from tco) is VERY competitive, this means huge savings versus the Paslode IM 350+ Nails and even some other alternatives.

Then there are the fuel cells. Fischer gas comes with a 5 year use by date. Most brands including Paslode only give you 1 year to use but not only that the Fischer fuel cells will work down to - 15 degrees which means no delay in getting started on a cold winters morning.

The nails are manufactured in Germany from European steel, and if you know anything about German manufacturing you will understand they don't do things by halves and this really means something. Of course the nails comply with current CE regulations and actually exceed the EC5 Eurocode 5 timber kit industry standard.

Fischer GALVANISED 1st Fix Framing Nails

£32.00 (inc VAT) £26.67 (exc VAT)



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