TCO Big Enough To Save You Money

Why should I buy from an Independent UK business?

Independent businesses are the backbone of the economy, with millions of businesses in all sectors working tirelessly to support their customers and local communities.  As seedbeds for innovation, they encourage competition and bring fresh ideas that challenge the status quo. This stimulus in turn incentivises others to adapt.

  • Small/Independent businesses, and local businesses are more likely to utilise other local businesses such as banks, service providers, and tradesmen
  • Tax is fully paid in the UK and not sent offshore like some big tech corporations have been accused of - no names mentioned as we do not want a court case!
  • We employ local people and pay them a living wage and contribute to pension schemes. We do not use (or intend to use) AI and robots like certain big multi national corporations. 
  • More personal and proactive customer service, small independent businesses are more likely to be flexible and understanding.
  • Knowledge - Independent businesses tend to retain staff longer which means more knowledge and experience stays in the business.  

100% Independent Micro Business

Trade Counter Online is an independent SME, this means we do not have to report to a board of directors or investment group. 
We understand that it is the customer who pays our wages, so we are customer focussed and customer led. When something is not right or we can do something better we can quickly make the necessary changes / improvements. 

At TCO we are proud to be members of National Merchants Buying Society. NMBS is a centralised buying society for independent builders merchants. 
With a combined buying power of more than £1.83 billion pounds, it lets us offer TCO customers access to the best brands at the best prices!

Big enough to save you money - Small enough to care

What Can I do to support Independent UK businesses?

  • Buy from them! First, the obvious one. Nothing will support your local independent more than buying from them.
  • Spread the word-  Leaving a positive review on Google or social media takes minutes and the benefit to the independent is huge. If you had a good experience, leave a review to help the independent attract more tradespeople.
  • Recommend them to family and friends - Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools for any independent business. So, if you have family or friends in the trade, simply sharing your experience with them can provide huge value. Remember we also offer discounts for referrals !
  • Send them a personal message - One positive message can make someone’s day! So, drop us them a message on social media or over email to let them know how they are doing.