Toolbox Trade Rewards

Earn and Redeem Toolpoints - As Good As Cash!

Earn and Redeem Toolpoints - As Good As Cash!


The More Toolpoints You Earn, The More Rewards You Receive

Join Toolbox Rewards to receive more access, more benefits and more rewards to unlock at every level.

How To Earn Toolpoints?

How To Earn Toolpoints?
  • Register Online: 25 Toolpoints
    Just create an account online to start collecting tool points.
  • Make a Purchase: Earn 1 Toolpoint for every £1.00 Spent
    Every £1.00 you spend online at TCO we will add 1 Toolpoint to your Toolbox. 
  • Share: Like and follow TCO on our social media channels
    Like and follow TCO on any of our social media channels to earn up to a maximum of 75 Toolpoints. This can only be carried out once on each channel, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Celebrate Your Birthday
    Earn 25 Toolpoints by simply signing in to My Toolbox to add your Birthday date. This can be found under ways to earn.

Refer: £10.00 Credit for you and £5.00 credit for your friend

Share with your friends and get rewarded. Share your link to give your friends a £5.00 reward. When they make a purchase you will get a £10.00 reward.

How To Spend Toolpoints?

How to Spend Toolpoints?

  • Click Toolbox Rewards:
    Simply click the toolbox icon at the bottom left of TCO homepage. 
  • Login To My Toolbox:
    Ensure you are logged in to My Toolbox to view your Toolpoints. 
  • Select All Rewards:
    Select All rewards and then Redeem, this is where you can see how many Toolpoints you have to spend. 
  • Redeem Toolpoints:
    Choose the amount of Toolpoints you want to redeem by using the slider. Simply click Redeem to see your unique code and press apply code. You will see a blue check when this has been successfully applied to your checkout. 
  • Go to Checkout:
    Go to checkout where you will see your discount applied. If you decide not to spend your toolpoints at this time, your unique code will be e-mailed to you to use on your next visit. 

Please note: Any unredeemed ToolPoints for a continuous 120-day period will expire. T&Cs Apply.