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Happy Holidays & Delivery Info

27th Nov 2018

We are on holiday from 21st Dec - 2nd Jan. Please stock up before 17th Dec to receive your items in time for Christmas holiday period. We hope you are getting ready to enjoy the festivitie … read more

Stainless Steel FAQ

1st Feb 2018

STAINLESS STEEL Why use a stainless steel fastener? 1. Securing wood Whether you are fixing decking, cladding or constructing buildings the wood contains water, tannins, pigments, … read more

Marshalltown | PermaFlex | Stainless Steel Trowel

31st Jan 2017

CARE INSTRUCTIONS The Marshalltown Permaflex trowel was designed for a final pass or polish of surface. For other plaster coats please use a standard Marshalltown plastering trowel.For best resul … read more

Go ape for our new Gorilla Glue and grab range..

5th Nov 2016

For the toughest jobs on planet earth!Gorilla Glue is America's biggest selling glue for a reason. Gorilla glues are waterproof and weather proof and tick all the boxes for trade or casual DIYers.&nbs … read more