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Gate & Fence

Gate & Fence

TCO UK Stockist - TaurusFrom TCO gate & fence section, we have a vast range of gate & fence accessories including gate latches, gate hooks, bolts, hinges, turn button, gate eye, gate latches, gate hooks, hasps & staples, gate springs, locks and many more.

We have a direct source to manufacturers such as Taurus, TIMco. TCO has the selection of light gate hardware and heavy gate hardware. The light gate hardware is mainly ideal for domestic gates, garden gates, and sheds whilst the heavy gate hardware is mostly suitable for driveway gates, agricultural field gates, stables and garages, especially for increased security.

Did you know that in Scotland, Ireland and the South West have high levels of corrosion in areas?
For best corrosion resistance, we offer a galvanised finish as well as a black finish for a more decorative look on gate & fence accessories.

Fast delivery to the UK and worldwide. Have a live chat with us and glad to answer your questions.